27th May 2009: International Seminar On: The Reflection of Three Years of Yogyakarta Earthquake for Anticipation Future Earthquake Disasters: Organized by Master Program in Civil Engineering (Earthquake Engineering Management) and Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, Islamic University of Indonesia (UII)


Earthquake disaster occurred in Yogyakarta and Central Java (5,9 SR or 6,3 USGS) three years ago, exactly on 27th May 2006 at 05:55 a.m. It killed more than 6.000 lives, injured about 80.000 people, and destroyed hundreds of thousands of their homes and livelihoods, both physical damage and non-physical one.

Indonesia is located in three junction of active tectonic plate in the world. More than 60% of Indonesian major cities, i.e. more than 250 cities and regencies are very potential to earthquake disaster. Based on this fact, Indonesian people have to know and understand about earthquake disaster knowledge as an initial effort to face disaster threat.

Several major earthquakes occur in the world each year and earthquake disaster knowledge can be obtained from those earthquake lessons learnt from many sources such as Indonesian report and others. Some countries in which earthquakes have ever been or often occurred in their jurisdiction are able to find some brilliant ideas to face that matters.

Therefore, effective learning strategy of the earthquake disaster knowledge for society is truly needed, so that the people can be more ready for the next disaster.


This seminar is held in order to commemorate the three years of earthquake disaster in Yogyakarta and Central Java. The specific aims of this seminar are :

  • To make the society realizing that earthquake disaster knowledge is of importance especially for those who are living in earthquake prone area.
  • To improve earthquake disaster knowledge for Indonesian people who often experience that tragic events.
  • To socialize preventive actions to earthquake disaster continually
  • To improve public awareness about earthquake disaster


Keynote Speech: Dr. Syamsul Ma’arif
(Head of BNPB RI – National Board of Disaster Mitigation of Republic of Indonesia )

Keynote Speech: Dr. R. Agus Sartono, MBA.
(Head of the Bureau of Planning and Overseas Cooperation, Department of National Education of Republic of Indonesia)

Invited Authors:
1. Prof. Masayuki WATANABE
(Former Senior Advisor of JICA – Japan International Cooperation Agency)
2. Dr. Tetsuro GOTO
(NILIM – National for Land and Infrastructure Management, Japan)
3. Dr. Pennung Warnitchai
(Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand)
4. Mr. Zukiyasu KAMEMURA
(JICA – Japan International Cooperation Agency)
5. Prof. Ir. Widodo, MSCE., Ph.D.
(Academician and Researcher in Earthquake Engineering, UII)
6. Prof. Ir. Sarwidi, MSCE., Ph.D., IP-U.
(Academician, Researcher, and Practicion in Earthquake Engineering, UII and Steering Committee of BNPB RI)

*) Other participants can publish paper in the the Seminar Proceeding. We will gives a chance for the Best Author to present his paper. The paper topic should mention and elaborate earthquake knowledge. English is used in this paper. Each paper will be reviewed by a reviewer before published in the Seminar Proceedings.


This Seminar will be held at:
Date: Wednesday, 27th May 2009
Time: 08.00 – 15.30 (West Indonesian Time)
Location: Gedung Kuliah Umum (GKU) Prof. Dr. M. Sardjito, MD., MPH. 1st Floor, Kampus Terpadu UII, Jl. Kaliurang KM.14,5 Yogyakarta, Indonesia

1. Government (Bureaucrat): Rp 150.000,-
2. Academician (Lecturer) and Public: Rp 100.000,-
3. Student of S2–S3: Rp 75.000,-
4. Student of S1: Rp 50.000,-

*) The Selected Best Paper will be enclosed in seminar proceeding and will be charged Rp. 150.000,- . The author will get one proceedings.

* Paper
* Kit Seminar
* Certificate
* Snack and Lunch

Please register to the committee directly or by phone and email by transferring contribution fee to the account number below. Account number: Bank Bukopin Account # 1001342041 c/q. Magister Teknik Sipil UII.

Information & Registration: Ir. Setya Winarno, MT., Ph.D. (+62-81392506708); Nur Iman Basori, SE. (+62-8122942703); Mirani Desi Ekowati, SE. (+62-811293629)

Email: admisi [at] mts [dot] uii [dot] ac [dot] id or must_bash [at] yahoo [dot] com

Registration form and full paper format can be downloaded at www.uii.ac.id

9th May 2009: Deadline of full paper (title, abstract, body of paper)
12th May 2009: Full paper approval and announcement
19th May 2009: Deadline of full paper submission
20th May 2009: Deadline of registration

For Further information please click here. Poster english version.

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