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27th May 2009: International Seminar On: The Reflection of Three Years of Yogyakarta Earthquake for Anticipation Future Earthquake Disasters: Organized by Master Program in Civil Engineering (Earthquake Engineering Management) and Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, Islamic University of Indonesia (UII)


Earthquake disaster occurred in Yogyakarta and Central Java (5,9 SR or 6,3 USGS) three years ago, exactly on 27th May 2006 at 05:55 a.m. It killed more than 6.000 lives, injured about 80.000 people, and destroyed hundreds of thousands of their homes and livelihoods, both physical damage and non-physical one.

Indonesia is located in three junction of active tectonic plate in the world. More than 60% of Indonesian major cities, i.e. more than 250 cities and regencies are very potential to earthquake disaster. Based on this fact, Indonesian people have to know and understand about earthquake disaster knowledge as an initial effort to face disaster threat.

Several major earthquakes occur in the world each year and earthquake disaster knowledge can be obtained from those earthquake lessons learnt from many sources such as Indonesian report and others. Some countries in which earthquakes have ever been or often occurred in their jurisdiction are able to find some brilliant ideas to face that matters. Baca lebih lanjut

undangan: seminar nasional thermofluid 2009 di UGM

Hampir semua industri, mulai dari food, automotive, mining, memanfaatkan ilmu-ilmu termal dan mekanika fluida secara parsial atau keseluruhan dalam proses industrinya. Persaingan industri yang semakin ketat mengakibatkan para engineer dan ilmuwan harus bekerja ekstra untuk menyelesaikan permasalahan gabungan termal dan fluida yang semakin komplek. Selanjutnya, Indonesia merupakan sebuah negara berkembang yang memiliki perkembangan industri yang cukup pesat, sehingga tidak lepas dari permasalahan termal dan fluida. Baca lebih lanjut