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17-18 July, 2009: Call for Paper International Seminar and Workshop on World Class University (ISWCU2009) at Yogyakarta State University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Managing International Class for Pre-Service Teacher Training Programs “The Challenges and Opportunities of Education in the Global Era: Beliefs, Evidences, Issues and Trends of Managing International Class” at Yogyakarta State University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

The Task Force of Yogyakarta State University on The Move to World Class University was established in 2007 as a first step in the process to integrate an international dimension throughout the institution as Yogyakarta State University initiates to develop into a world class university. The administration of the University recognizes that global competency is an essential learning outcome in higher education and that our graduates must be prepared to be successful in an increasingly interconnected world and global society. Yogyakarta State University is committed to providing an international learning experience through its curriculum, student life, on-campus events, and academic programs abroad. The graduates of Yogyakarta State University are prepared to teach in schools of international level. This International Seminar and workshop have a purpose to provide and develop the academic, administration, and student aspect with an initial blueprint to move the University into world class university (WCU) with connections that reach throughout the world. Baca lebih lanjut